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About Our Owners

The owners of the Lake Ontario Motel & Inn, located near Niagara Falls, NY, are Brad and Paige May. Both are members of the Newfane Business  Association and proud members of the local community. When not at the inn, Brad is the sales manager for a precision component manufacturer, and Paige is a part-time dental hygienist. The couple purchased the landmark motel near Lake Ontario in July of 2018 from Paige's parents, Jan and Phil Toenniessen. Paige grew up living next door to this wonderful property and enjoys keeping this business in their family.
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Previous Owners

Jan and Phil Toenniessen, have lived in Niagara County their entire lives. They have been incredibly involved in tourism and the birth and growth of the world-class salmon and trout fishing in Lake Ontario.
Phil is a Great Lakes Coast Guard Captain and was one of the first to operate a charter fishing business out of the port of Olcott, NY. Phil and his son, Scott, entertained clients from around the world for 17 years before retiring from the charter business. Phil served on the Board of Directors of the Niagara County Charter Fishing Association and Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon Association. (LOTSA). He also served as treasurer for this organization and was the editor of the LOTSA news for several years. Phil is also retired from General Motors.
Jan has also been an active member of LOTSA, publishing the organization's news for several years. She has served on the Niagara County Tourism Board and the Town of Newfane Tourism Committee, even chairing the committee for several years.

The Toenniessen's have three children and nine grandchildren, and the family home is next door to the motel. They are proud the inn has stayed in the family and is now owned by their daughter Paige, and her husband, Brad.
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About Lake Ontario Motel & Inn

The Lake Ontario Motel and Inn has been serving the local community for over 30 years. With its proximity to major waterways in Western New York, we are a respected and sought-after destination for those interested in Niagara River fishing, and because our motel is near 18 Mile Creek, anglers enjoy staying with us while in the area. Our reputation as a preferred fishing motel near Niagara Falls, NY makes us a top choice among outdoorsmen.

We enjoy welcoming vacationers, families, business travelers, and anyone exploring our beautiful region of New York State to stay with us while in the area. We love serving our guests while they enjoy our quiet, peaceful setting and cozy, comfortable inn.

History of Lake Ontario Motel & Inn

Although Lake Ontario Motel & Inn dates to 1990, the structure that houses the guest rooms has a much longer history. The structure began as a barn that was built in 1910. The farmhouse which still stands next door was built in 1840. During its first 100-odd years of existence, the building served many purposes, including: a dairy farm, a grainery, farm market, and even as a horse stable.

After the accompanying farm land was sold off in the late 1980's the Toenniessen family purchased the barn and adjacent home with the idea of bringing quality accommodations to the town of Newfane. As part of the renovations, all the interior structures were removed, including a loft and dividing walls.

A new foundations was poured under most of the structure, and a completely new, modern interior was constructed. All renovations were made with an eye toward comfort and accessibility for all guests. The first three rooms were opened for occupancy in 1990, followed by 3 additional rooms in 1991. The next few years saw the completion of the second floor guest rooms.

Looking upwards toward the cathedral ceiling in the recreation area, you will see the exposed original hand hewn beams which demonstrate the quality of 19th century craftsmanship. As you walk through the front doorway, notice the sliding barn doors on either side. They mark the original entrance to the barn, and are still fully functional.

The Toenniessens are continually striving to add to the amenities offered, including a large shaded deck, gardens and barbecue grill. We invite you to stay at our ever expanding place near Niagara Falls, NY.