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Fort Niagara State Park

On the banks of the Niagara River lies a fort with an interesting historical legacy begging to be explored. Old Fort Niagara's state park is a history buff's dream, and an outdoorsman's paradise. You can learn about the Battle of Fort Niagara one hour, then lounge on Lake Ontario beach the next.

We'll highlight all of the major attractions right here!
Park Info

Address: 1 Scott Ave, Youngstown, NY

Phone Number: 716-745-7273


Adults (12+): $17
Children (6-12): $12
Under 6: FREE


Jan - March: Fri - Sundays from 10AM - 4PM
April - Memorial Day: Wed - Sun from 10AM - 4PM
Memorial Day through Labor Day: Every day from 10AM - 4PM
*September - December: Wed - Sun from 10AM - 4PM

*Closed on Holidays

How do I travel to the State Park?

There is a free shuttle service (Discover Niagara) that you can use if you aren't able to drive there.
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Battles of Fort Niagara
You may be wondering what this state park is commemorating. Old Fort Niagara was constructed during the colonial wars in North America.

First being used as a French outpost in 1679, it was later converted into a base for the British in the French Indian War, followed by the American Revolution and the War of 1812. Since then it was used mostly as a trading outpost, and training station for the U.S. Military. The nearby cemetery shows the victims of war over the centuries.
Old Fort Niagara
The headliner attraction for the state park is the actual fort itself. You'll walk through the historic chambers as faithful colonial reenactors demonstrate what it was like to live in their era. You'll have the chance to watch hourly musket and artillery firing demonstrations, exhibits displaying the fort's history, and orientation videos.

On top of that, you'll get a pretty great view of the Niagara River and Lake Ontario from the top of the fort, where cannons are perched and ready to fire.

Fort Niagara Events

As if that weren't enough, Old Fort Niagara regularly holds special events throughout the year. Sometimes they are celebrating King George III's birthday, other times they are honoring the fallen soldiers in the War of 1812.

Check their events page online to get an idea of what special celebrations they are having during your stay.
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Is Old Fort Niagara haunted?
Death and war have taken place at Fort Niagara throughout its history. As such, rumors of the fort being haunted have blossomed and spread throughout the country. The managers of the grounds have noticed spooky, spectral happenings all year long, and especially at night.

Maybe you'll see something, too.


Fort Niagara Lighthouse

That's not all there is to do, as the Fort Niagara Lighthouse stands as another beacon of history. The adorable building was used to warn settlers of America about the land so they didn't crash their ships. It's a great picture-taking area.


Moving away from the historical stuff, there happens to be a beach and pool in the State Park for guests to enjoy! The beach is incredibly peaceful and a relaxing place to spend some time with your family and friends.

Dogs are allowed, but must be on a leash.


If you don't want to swim in the lake water, the pool is a great place to visit. Opening hours are the same as the State Park.

Boat Launch

For those wanting to sail on the open water, there are two boat launches in the park, one with access to Lake Ontario and the other offering access to Niagara River. Boat launches are open when the State Park is open.
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