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Your Guide to the Lakeview Village Shoppes

Do you want to spend some time by the water, eating an ice cream in the relaxing summer breeze? Then the Lakeview Village Shoppes are a must-visit location on your Lake Ontario vacation.

This quaint shopping area is humbly decorated with bright colors, and truly offers a small town experience. After strolling the boardwalk, you can enjoy a sunset on the beach. It's peaceful! This guide will go over all of the attractions, shops, and food options you have when visiting Olcott Beach. Here we go!


Go Kart Racing Events
Adult: $40
Youth: $35

Monster Truck Events
Adult: $24
Adult VIP: $40
Youth: $12.50
Youth VIP: $25

What are VIP passes?

Before the trucks start duking it out, you'll have a chance to get a picture with some of the monsters, and get autographs from your favorite drivers. It's a great value for people who love the sport.

The Best Stores in Olcott

Our bonafide shopping guide shows you everything you'll get when you enter these cute shops.


Sunday - Thursday: 12PM - 6PM
Friday - Saturday: 12PM - 8PM

Chenez's Popcorn

Do you like popcorn? Here at Chenez's, you'll have your choice from over 40 different flavors of the delicious kernels. They have traditional flavors if you just want sublime gourmet popcorn, but the adventurous foodies are in for a treat.

Gift Box at the Beach

For a look at potential souvenir options, you should check out Gift Box. It has everything from fine art to knick-knacks to clothing.

KM Treats / Kave Man Treasures

Sweet lovers will adore this gift shop and candy store here on the boardwalk! Grab homemade cookies, unique candy brands, and other fun souvenir items!

New Life Reclaimed LLC

Sweet lovers will adore this gift shop and candy store here on the boardwalk! Grab homemade cookies, unique candy brands, and other fun souvenir items!

Oscar's Doghouse & Ice Cream

Name a more iconic pair than hot dogs and ice cream...okay, there's a lot, but Oscar's somehow makes the pairing work! It's the best place to get a bite to eat in the area, and there are plenty of tables and chairs for you to sit down and eat a meal.

The Boho Siren

The ocean breeds creativity, which makes the Boho Siren so special! You can create your own masterpiece, or purchase a piece from a local artist here.

Walden Willow Boutique

Women looking for a new fit should check out this beautiful boutique! Offering all sorts of dresses, shoes, decorations, and jewelry, it's a paradise for girls of all ages.

Whisk & Spoon Bake Shop

A small town bakery that doesn't disappoint. You'll walk out of here with a collection of cookies, cakes, and other sweet treats.

Things to Do in Olcott

Olcott Beach Lighthouse

Want a picture to post on your Facebook? Take a snap at the Olcott Beach Lighthouse right next to the boardwalk. You can read about the lighthouse's history here, and you can enjoy the grounds that surround the small historical site.

Olcott Pier

After getting a bite to eat, you can try to get the fish to bite while you're on the pier! Olcott Pier is just a few short steps from the stores, so you can visit the village and go for a fishing trip all at the same time! The public beach is also a pretty good fishing spot for shore fishers!

Bring all of the fishing gear you think that you'll need, including bait, lures, fishing poles, and a beach chair so you don't have to sit on the ground.

Olcott Beach Carousel Park

For a fun day with your young family, come to the carousel park for a while! This park has a few attractions that children will love, including an old-fashioned merry go round and a kiddie fire truck ride. You can also find a ferris wheel, boat ride, and a vintage arcade.

The best part? This is a non-profit park, so it's a fun, free activity for your children to enjoy.


Olcott is a hopping place throughout the year, and the events are a big reason for that. The carousel park holds special events after dark for visitors, but the boardwalk also hosts fun surprises every so often.

Wine tasting parties are held on the boardwalk every Friday night, so if you want to taste something new, it's an excellent place to do so!

Olcott is a blast, and it's so close to the Lake Ontario Motel and Inn! Book with us today to become a part of this fun community for a day or two.
Ransomville Raceway
This is one of the most-visited dirt tracks in New York. Whether you come to watch monster truck carnage, or you just want to see go karts compete, Ransomville Speedway is the place for you to cheer on professional racers.

How big is Ransomville Speedway?

It's a ½ mile dirt track in Niagara County. It's only a 20 minute drive from Niagara Falls.


The hours and dates on each race vary wildly. As such, we encourage you to check out the Ransomville Speedway schedule to make sure you are able to attend the event you are interested in.

You can also find the results of each race, as well as weather conditions that may cause the event to be canceled.

Are there concessions?

Yes, there are snacks you can enjoy. While you can bring in your own treats, there's something for you even if you've forgotten snacks.

How is seating?

Seating is pretty tight, especially when it's a packed night. This may be more difficult for wheelchairs, so keep that in mind.

What should you wear?

It's a dirt race track, so if you plan on sitting up close to the track itself, you're bound to get a little muddy. Don't wear nice clothes—this isn't a white tie event. Instead, wear some casual clothes that you don't mind getting a little dirty.

What happens if it rains?

Because rain ruins the muddy track and makes for an uncomfortable experience, rainy days unfortunately cancel or postpone the races. If your race is scheduled for the night and it starts sprinkling, contact Ransomville Raceway to see what the status of the race is.